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*Meet the Current Employees       at Party Time Liquor*

   Here at Party Time Liquor, we are devoted to serving you with the best customer service possible provided by our employees. With our knowledge of a variety of products together with the courtesy of our employee's, we ensure that you will always leave SATISFIED.... To get a better look on the employee's of Party Time Liquor, click on "The Faces" link on the left. So here are just a couple of the things everybody should expect when walking in to Party Time Liquor                                                                                                                   


   Why not? Your the customer and you should always be treated with the utmost respect because you're our business plain and simple. Without you, there is no us and we are very tentative to greet you as you enter and help with any questions that you may have. Be sure that if we notice you come in, we will always say "Hi".

*QUESTIONNAIRE RESPONSIVE--------------------------------------------

   Throw them left and right, up or down, whatever is on your mind and you can't find, look for one of us, I'm sure we have the time (Heh, That Rhymed). No question is not worth asking. Can't find your beer or can't remember the name of that Liquor that got you soooo wasted....Then ask us.....I'm pretty sure we've got wasted by the same Bottle. The prices, The brands, The tastes, your curiosity is our pleasure.

*AN ATMOSPHERE YOU'LL LOVE!!----------------------------------------

   Just about when you walk in through the front doors of Party Time liquor, you'll notice a difference in style chosen to represent the store. Employees here always try to maintain the stores appearance as well as overall atmosphere and feel of the environment. We want you to feel comfortable everytime you step into our store almost as if it is your 2nd home. We keep a wood style finish on our wine shelves and a showcase an array of expensive wine and liquor. We take pride in the faces that are amazed by the appearance of Party Time Liquor and hope each and every customer feels they know where to go whenever they need to head out to the store.