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        In order to better serve the community we have decided to list some of our brands of beers, wines, and liquor items we serve at the store. Please feel free to take a look at our inventory as well as e-mail us any questions or new suggestions you may have on any of our items. Just remember that this is our sample list and all brands may not be posted....Please e-mail or call us to see if we carry the brand you are looking for....


Beer BottlesSelection of just about every Domestic beer popular in America, we aim to have all the favorites in demand and ready for our customers. All the noticeable brands from Anheuser-Busch as well as Crest Beverage company.                                                                                                             

Budweiser CanBudweisers ever growing selection from American ale, Light, Select, Golden Wheat, Chelada, Lime as well as Michelob, Busch and various others.                                                                    

Crest Beverages Line of drinks range from the wide variety of Miller Genuine Draft to the whole Coors line up. Keystone, Blue Ribbon, Steel Reserve are just the few of many Party Time has to offer. Be sure if we don't have it, we will make sure its here and in stock by your next visit.


There are just about an endless array of imported beer produced all over the world. Germany, Poland, Mexico, Canada, UK, you name it and there are probably a dozen different variations of beer produced in that country.As far Party Time keeping up with availability of all these beers...Well we try....We have over 7 door committed to imported beer  so the chances of finding your favorites are fairly good...plus like we've been saying; if we don't have it, we can specialize an order just for you.


Jack DanielsThe Party starter!! We wouldn't be a Liquor store without a variety of the most popular and rare selections in El Cajon. Tequila, Vermouth, Vodka, Scotch, Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Rum, Cognac, Liqueur, all the different types with all your favorite brands.

Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam for Whiskey drinkers. Crown Royal, Black Velvet, Canadian Mist for those who indulge in the Norths Finest.

Glenmorangie, Bushmills, Deware's, Black Label, Macallan, Chivas Regal, Glenilvet for our fine Scotch consumers.

Our Rum variety can only round with the best. Bacardi's huge line up comes off as one of the consumer top favorites. Captain Morgans many styles along with Malibu Rum's tropical flavors grow aimlessly through the years. Myers Rum, Pyrat, Tuaca, Ronrico are just the few amongst the huge selection at Party Time Liquor.

It only gets better with our Brandy and Congac selection. E and J, Paul Masson, Christian Brothers headlining our brandy as well as Hennessey, Remy Martin, Meukow, Courvoisier sum up our best sellers for congac.

Vodka is not only a top favortie amongst consumers but vodka also stands as a key ingredient to mixed drinks all across the world. So why wouldn't our selection be massive? Club Fav's like Smirnoff, Absolut, Seagrams, to top of the lines like Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Ciroc. Price ranges for vodka reach all highs and low lows so everyone can enjoy vodka at their price range.    

Tequila is a must when deciding on which type to really focus on as far as variety. Jose Cuervo stands as the most well known Tequila's out there. 1800 is quickly becoming a club favorite and Sauza is amongst the better tasting Tequila's out there. Patron, Don Julio, Cazadores, give enough bang for their buck as they stand as our top of the line. But like before, our selection is wide so don't be afraid to call in ask if we carry your favorite drink.

 Pick from your favorite Liqueurs available here at Party Time Liquor. From Alize and its multiple fruit selection to Kahlua and Yager theres no bottle we can't help you get. New comers like X Rated and Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur are shelved here at Party Time Liquor. With all the variations for all the different taste buds, we aim to please everyone of them...Like we said "The Party Starts Here".

*Also try: *Jack Daniels Honey, *Skinny Girl Margaritas, *UV Cake


Cristal ChampagneThe Elegance of Wine and Champagne brings the texture and taste to dining rooms everywhere. Wether it be a Opus One Red Wine or Cristal Champagne we carry all the different types of taste to accommodate your dinner or casual drinker. Chandon, Barefoot Bubbly, Moet and Chandon, Korbel are just the few of the bottles displayed on our wooden shelves. Cristal and Ace's Champagne come off as the top of the line displayed in our glass showcase that house many of our top of the line bottles.


Berringer WineOur wine selection stands as one of the most diverse selections in El Cajon. With many different tastes along with the dozens of makers that produce wine, we ensure that your favorites are in stock every time you come in. Just remember that we can order just about anything so if you got a favorite we don't have, we'll have the next time you stop in to Party Time Liquor

* Also Try: *Hello Kitty Wines and Champagne's


Marlboro RedsParty Time Liquor is great place to get your tobacco at price even your local smoke shop can't give you. We carry everybody's favorites with the best deal in town. Marlboro, Camel, Newports, Pall Mall, Winston, Capri's, Misty's, GPC's, Kool's and many, many others.

SwisherSwisher sweets, Black & Milds, along with Prime Time cigars bring their whole line up of different taste, types and variety in the cigar market. With each carrying over a dozen of unique styles, we carry each and every single one to keep up with consumers ever growing curiosity to try something new. 

Now we couldn't forget our chewing tobacco customers. For anyone who enjoys the flavorable chew we carry Skoal, Grizzly, Kodiak, Copehagen as well as Marlboros and Camels newly introduced Snus.

R & G and Global Smoke are changing the way smokers smoke their cigarettes. Introducing The ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. A battery charged cigarette replicated to the pack designed to give smokers a little more comfort when smoking a cigarette. With Electronic Cigarettes, smokers can inhale up to 60% less nicotine than your average pack of cigarettes and with no lingering oder or 2nd hand smoke, you ensure the safety of everyone around you.

Smoking electronic cigarettes also saves you a considerable amount of money. We're talking about 50% of savings based on 5 packs of cigarettes in just a set of ten filters. Speaking of filters, each filter consist of ten of cigarettes and comes in variety of blends and types. Low, Med, High, Cherry, Menthol, Vanilla and even filters with NO-Nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes is the perfect alternative to your nicotine craving and in time may help you reduce your packs per day to singles per day, to eventually quitting the habit. But you'll never know unless you try it so head down to party time liquor and see if these electronic cigarettes satisfies your craving.